Within CAR PKT Gdynia intends to continue and develop its research and innovation works in the field of state-of-the art sustainable electric transport. The main goal is to expand the IMC system (In Motion Charging or Dynamic Charging system, which means charging of electric vehicles during motion while they run under the trolleybus network) by designing, installing and putting into operation a mobile fast battery trolleybus and e-bus charging station (in other words: a trolleybus and e-bus charging station with autonomous battery energy supply system).

IMC in Gdynia electric transport system is now realised by means of trolleybus current collectors. A weak point of the present IMC system is its limited current capacitance (charging power) while the vehicle is standing, due to thermal processes. While moving, the IMC system allows for charging with high power, but when stationary it must be limited. Within CAR project PKT is going to overcome this barrier and implement a fast charging station for stationary charging of IMC battery trolleys and e-buses.