Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark has done research into electric mobility for more than a decade. They have extensive experience from analysing how a fleet of electric vehicles will influence the load and efficiency of the power grid. In the CAR-project the Technical University of Denmark will provide its knowledge and resources to the other partners and in particular support Bornholm in their project activities. The DTU will take a role in Denmark to organize the strategy setting network of companies and organizations that will contribute to driving the transformation to electric vehicle systems in the South Baltic region and in the rest of the participating countries.

The importance of data

When dealing with electric vehicles (EVs) and their integration in power system, data is always of main concern.
From the Technical University of Denmark, Lisa Calearo, Mattia Marinelli and Charalampos Ziras have investigated and collected data sources, with the idea of helping researchers that, like them, deal with limited amounts of EV data.
The review provides data sources published during the last two decades, which can be useful for EV studies in the context of smart grids and power systems. Data sources are categorized into three classes: surveys, internal combustion engine vehicles and EVs trials, and charger trials.
Finally, the usage of the different source type is discussed, resulting in some guidelines and limitations about data usage in EV studies.
Free access of the full paper until September 24, 2021 here